If you start HIV-treatment, you can…


Find love


Get pregnant


Make a family


Safety for everyone: If you stay on medication you can have a family and children, without them becoming infected.

Living on HIV treatment

Today, HIV infection is characterized as a chronic disease. There is no medical procedure to completely remove the virus, but on successful HIV medication you do not develop AIDS (severe immunodeficiency). On treatment, people with HIV can live a long and good life and have children who are not infected with HIV.

Everyone who lives in Norway has the right to free treatment and medicine. If you are an asylum seeker, your HIV status will not affect your application.

Here you can read more about living with HIV:

Aksept – Sentre for all those affected by HIV.

Hiv Norge – Organization for people living with HIV.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Folkehelseinstituttet) – Information about HIV in different languages.

Helsenorge.no – Information about hiv

Would you like to meet others who live with HIV? 

There are around 6,000 people living with HIV in Norway today. You are therefore not alone if you get infected with HIV. Anyone can become infected with HIV, regardless of gender, the country you come from or who you have sex with. The Church City Mission has a number of services across the country for all those who are affected by HIV:


Aksept – centre for those affected by HIV

Hiv Norge – Organization for people living with HIV.


Living with HIV


Aksept og mestring


Living with HIV


Living with HIV