The minuttest is quick, following four simple steps



Talk to one of our teststaff



Small drop of blood from your finger



Wait 1 minute



Get the results!


One-minute-result: The HIV virus is detectable through your blood. One small drop is enough.


Reliable result after 12 weeks: Even without any symptoms or signs of HIV, the virus is detectable, and you can get a 99,6% reliable result after 12 weeks.

How HIV testing works

The Minutteste is a HIV test offered at several of the Church City Mission’s centers. Find your closest centreĀ here.

100% Anonymous hiv-test

At the Church City Mission you can get tested completely anonymously. We do not store any information about the people who get tested with us.


Everyone who works here has a duty of confidentiality. This means that we will never tell anyone else what you discuss with us. We take confidentiality very seriously.

Totally free

Our consultation and testing services are free.

Rapid test: The procedure

Before the test, we will have a talk about what HIV is and about HIV treatment. We will show you the test kit and explain how it works. The test is performed with a prick of your finger and extraction of one drop of blood. We mix this with some chemicals, and within one minute we will have the test result. The entire consultation takes 15 minutes.

When can I get tested

If you think you might be at risk, we advise you to contact us as quickly as possible. The test is more accurate (99,6%) 12 weeks after possible infection, but you can get a confirmatory test result already 3 weeks after infection. If you worry about early symptoms, it is better to get tested and talk to someone. We recommend that you visit us as early as possible.

What happens if I receive a positive HIV-test?

Even though there is no cure for HIV, you can live a long and normal live on HIV treatment. The Church City Mission works closely with local hospitals and will help you get an appointment quickly. All HIV-positive receive free medicine and treatment. Read more about how it is to live with HIV here.